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So It Begins: The Book of Virgil

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

six years of blood, sweat, and tears is finally coming together. The prelude to the HONOR-BOUND series is out in the world, and I'm excited to present you all with The Book of Virgil.

Ten years ago, the world went sideways. Bombings, chemical attacks, and mass shootings rocked the World.  A terrorist organization stepped forward to claim credit, and war was declared on an international scale.

New political groups rose to prominence and instituted police states in the name of security.  

In Toronto Canada swaths of city neighborhoods have been evacuated and cordoned off to consolidate the populations.  In response, a flourishing underworld emerged, where refugees can escape the heavy arm of the law.  They subsist on the outskirts of known society, a hidden collection of Communities.

Virgil and his assistant, Lerina, exist within a grey area; working as black-market doctors for the crime families of Toronto to gain the necessary protection and tools needed to care for the Communities.

With discord and tribulation mounting all around, the limits of Virgil’s fortitude will be tested. And an unexpected revelation will force him to look at what sits in the shadows.

With more to come in the series, I hope you all enjoy the first of many stories. Thank you all!


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